Spanish church: an experience

This past Sunday I attended a Spanish congregation where my friend Brett attends. I have been looking forward to this day for awhile now, almost a year, and finally was able to go. So anxious I got up early and had coffee at Dunn Bros and read for a bit. Upon leaving the coffee shop I picked up a Kelly, a friend of mine since I was 12 who taught in Mexico for two years. So, needless to say, even with my close friends with me, I was still going to be very new to this whole thing. High school Spanish was not flowing back into my mind like I’d hoped.

Upon arrival, which was early…not sticking to Spanish culture, we walked up the hill to the door and entered the Spanish church that is within First Baptist church, downtown Jefferson City. It seems this part of the building is an older section of the church and now seems more like a quaint chapel among the rest of the structure. Brett walked us down to his bag, a middle row on the right. As we sat awaiting service to begin many people greeted us. It was warm and inviting.

Naturally, because Brett and I are such close friends I began to put faces and names together of people he talks about with church stories and even saw some people I had met while in public with him. It was also a youth led Sunday with the music part of worship so that was neat to see them…many who are pretty talented.

Not having much of a Spanish background except a couple high school classes the culture intrigues me…as does most culture I’m not used to. The music, the language (bi-lingual), the sermon, the scripture reading…it all was a fresh breath as far as church is concerned.

I’m programmed to church structures, functions and formulas. Its a kind of routine I’ve been doing for too long. This is why I really like my small group I meet with because we live community throughout the week enjoying helping each other with things, sharing meals, sharing time…I like those relationships. I liked not knowing what was being said all the time and doing my best to figure out the Spanish and then had to focus to catch the broken English. It was a good experience.

I kind of wish they had just sang the Spanish songs and not done them again in English because to be honest it sounded more beautiful and flowed better in Spanish…but, I understand the purpose as to why. Pastor Noah wants the people to learn English and it is also for those who come that don’t speak Spanish to get what is being said or sung. I appreciate the heart behind it…thoughtful.

I enjoyed the sermon. I got two sermons in one Sunday and didn’t have to go on Sunday night. That was cool. Pastor Noah talked about Jesus and Thomas and how we are like Thomas in that we doubt at times too…we aren’t above him or the other disciples. We are simple, fallen, naive and broken just like they were. Jesus would show us His wounds just like He did Thomas. I liked that…it didn’t sit well right off but I embraced it because it’s true.

I liked Spanish church…I’ll probably go back.


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