Where’s Your Imagination?

You know the routine…wake up, barely, and get the kids off to school or if you’re like me, peel your sorry keester off the sheets and barely get a shower and coffee before you have to speed to the office. I forgot my wallet the other day…day ruined.

Then, when you finally get to work you’re minutes late, boss staring at the clock and you feel rushed, pressed and the stress level heightens with each breath. Can you relate? Maybe not exactly, but you get the idea. Routine, or lack there of that leads us to complacency, the same ole same ole.

Today, I watched a video about a 9 year old boy named Caine who started his own arcade. Watching this video had me smiling the whole time. It also had me thinking about what I am exactly trying to accomplish in this life. Am I living or just here? Do I lack adventure or is each day a quest for something great?

Examine yourself as you watch this video, let its message warm you and go do something off the cuff by yourself or with someone you deeply care about. Make memories and leave the complacency in the toilet.

Check out Caine:


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